tangling***Kuiz dipetik dari buku ini***

Rate your boss across the following statements using the scale below:

(5) Always
(4) Often
(3) Time-to-Time
(2) Seldom
(1) Never

1.__     Compliments you on a job well done

2.__     Collaborates with you on work tasks and projects

3.__     Offers balanced feedback (positive and constructive)

4.__     Is interested in your development

5.__     Communicates clearly what is expected of you

6.__     Provides adequate work/life balance

7.__     Is generally concerned for your well being

8.__     Models leadership qualities

9.__     Listens effectively

10.__   Communicates in the moment; free of distractions

11.__   Speaks to you; not at you or down to you

12.__   Provides motivation

13.__   Is open to criticism and personal feedback

14.__   Is open to others ideas

15.__   Makes work fun as well as challenging

Add up your scores and find out how your boss did using the scale below:

75-68:           Great boss! (Congratulations)

68-60:           Solid manager with a few quirks from time-to-time; no major issues

60-53:           Warning! Possible Tyrant in training

53-below:      TYRANT!



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