The latest 007 Bond movie, Skyfall focuses on the theme of ‘death’. Time has come for Bond to revisit if his work and the mantra Dulce Decorum Est is worth after being ‘dead’ in a mission in Turkey where he was accidentally shot by his partner,which was later identified as Moneypenny. Bond later ponders where does humanity, kindness, faith or trust for others figure in espionage. He feels like giving it all up and disappearing but returns because there is a sense of duty; or perhaps, that is the only way he knows how to live.

While on his mission in Shanghai and Macau, Bond is forced to review his own work methods when he meets the IT savvy villain, Silva who is a fellow agent who had gone mad. “All this running around is tiring,” he later tells Bond, who moments earlier has already realised that espionage have evolved especially in technology.

Being a Bond, he will not give up. He returns to what he knows best, to methods which he is the expert, to places he is familiar with, to deal with the villains in his head, and in his work. Hence, Bond takes us back to his home – Skyfall – the title of the movie – where it all started for him as where he came from is as important as where he is heading.

As it is for all of us. Sometimes to die is also to live. Again.


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